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This solid block of Hard White Maple will make for the perfect sleek and incredibly durable! The board is fit with rubber feet to prevent shifting on any kind of countertop. Finished with a hand rubbed Tung Oil the board is food safe, beautiful and resistent to water damange. Pick from a wide range of sizes and options to get the perfect board just for you!


Board is approximately 1.5" thick

White Maple Block Board

  • All boards are finished with Tung Oil a food safe finish that also produces a beautiful final product! Tung Oil should be reapplied every 6-12 months depending on the amount use. 

    Clean and dry board completly before applying Tung Oil. Frequent care should only require one coat of oil for maintenance. Apply Tung Oil in a thin even coat and allow to stand for 5-15 minutes before wiping off all excess Oil. Ensure all oil has been removed and allow to stand for at least 24 hours before next use. 

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