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Hand-Crafted in Colorado

Carrot's Custom Millworks is a one-man woodworking shop out of Fruita, Colorado dedicated to building the highest quality furniture and woodcraft pieces. We work with a variety of wood species, live edge slabs, and epoxy designs to create one-of-a-kind products. 

We are rooted in the outdoors and the preservation of the trees that allow us to create these beautiful pieces of art. It is our goal to make use of every inch of board to come through the shop. Be sure to check out the Shop to see some of these unique pieces!


Don't see something that looks like the perfect fit for your home? Let's work together to design your dream piece and watch it come to life! With our custom pieces we work directly with you to come up with a design, materials, and final layout. From custom furniture pieces to live edge tables to extravagant epoxy river tables, we will work with you to bring your dream to life. 

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